Is there a method existing that may lead a place from the past into the future?

This question led me to Scotland an in contact with Margaret Colquhoun and her method which she calls genius loci. Margaret says that caring for the earth is healing both ourselves and the land,

I co-operate with Life Science University as a mentor in the course ‘The Farm as a Pedagogical Resource’. In the Sustainable Teacher Training course at the same university we will develop praxis for teacher students in place based entrepreneurship and learning, For the last three years I have been on the steering committee for apprenticeship learning with the Biodynamic Organisation, and a project leader for ‘The Farm as an Education Arena’ (see report in ‘Projects’).

Together with my colleagues I am a mentor and teacher for the Masters in Environmental and Social Education with Rudolf Steiner University College in Oslo, I am also developing mentoring pathways and research with colleagues in Norway and Ruskin Mill Education Trust, England, This collaboration will include links with community of Nailsworth,

Together with Emerson College,, we are planning to develop story telling for community building,